S Gamblin Man

S Gamblin Man**
2000 Perlino Morgan Stallion
Shams al Din x Shez Goda Diamond
Showing In: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending
Current Level: Senior Horse


Sales History
Breeder: Tessa of Southern Acres Inc.
Under Contract: Yes
Buybacks To: Tessa
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: Actively shown
Purchase Date:

Show Titles
SAI Runner Up Horse of the Year 2010
SGC Silver Champion

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100% Morgan
Shams al Din MEMC Tequila Cuervo (RL) Triple S Bald Eagle (RL)
Twin Pines Sara (RL)
Gallent Aneshtaesia (RL) Triple S Chinook (RL)
Whippoorwill Victoria (RL)
Shez Goda Diamond Sunup Neptune (RL) Sunup Shenandoah (RL)
Goldie Zephyr (RL)
Rantree Ecstasy (RL) KRP Cocoa (RL)
Justin Case (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: Ee/Aa/CrCr
Available for Breeding:

KS Leave Me Ecstasy
ll 2011 Palomino Stallion ll Out of Pass Di Rum