USA Vincero

USA Vincero
2008 Bay Swedish Warmblood Stallion 1.67cm
Napoleon von Waagendorf x Skorbys Midway
Showing In: Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping
Current Level: Novice, Second, 2ft9 to 3ft


Comments from breeder: Vincero is a COACHING guy with a lot of drive, like his father, he has the wonderful energy of the movements. Moreover, he picks a lot of attention in heterogeneous stall time when he is left alone. Easily manageable and cozy to wear and do with. Vaccines : Flu, tetanus, botulism U.S. Vincero vaccinated without complications.

Sales History
Breeder: Norma of USA.
Under Contract: No
Buybacks To: Norma
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: Actively shown
Purchase Date: 06.20.2013

Show Titles

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100% Swedish WB
Napoleon von Waagendorf Slevin E W. Connaisseur 1189
Oceanborns Boa Hancock
La Vita von Waagendorf Cheerhill's Lincoln
Amina 22808
Skorbys Midway Skorbys Urbano Kepson (RL)
Ouverture (RL)
Skorbys Melanie Gardinal II
Skorbys Melanie

Breeding Info

Genotype: EE/AA
Available for Breeding: