Alprosette ZL

Alprosette ZL
1998 Chestnut Hanoverian Mare 165cm
Amadeus x Feine Dame ZL
Showing In: Dressage
Current Level: Retired


Comments from breeder: In character, the young lady stands in the middle and make it so the rare balance between rest and energy to keep them. She is anything but intrusive or pushy at all, but like it, however discreet and restrained. Even if one could interpret their anxiety as well restraint, the mild-mannered filly, this is not excessive. Although caution and care are among her nature, but wins with her ​​but often the curiosity and thirst for adventure and she sniffed, for example, with the Rosary devotion in front of the stables and take in the sweet smell to it. With just this deliberateness she goes almost all other situations and therefore rarely reacts surprisingly and never panicked. Rosie has made ​​us clear off the bat that you should already have an eye on them, because they büchst often run out and explores the environment. But otherwise the Hanoverian mare is actually a sociable mare well understood by others, and not just around raging all day. As her friend Luna, with whom she came along with us and whose father of the same breed stable comes as their own parents, our Rosie a calm temperament in the stable. You can hear them only rarely, but it is always happy to attention. Docile they also seem to be. It has not taken her two days to teach the Hufegeben and get them used to wearing a halter, which should later allow a simple and uncomplicated and training. Meanwhile, this has also proved that breaking in was absolutely no problem and they even completed their education without such problems. Rosie proves to be very willing to learn, eager to work and it is very good to help, but you can also ride without a saddle and bridle.

Sales History
Breeder: Friederike of Hannoveranerzucht Zur Linde.
Under Contract: No
Buybacks To: Friederike
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: None
Purchase Date: 06.13.2013

Show Titles

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100% Hanoverian
Amadeus Acapulco (RL) Amigo (RL)
Wilma V (RL)
Mandira (RL) Mankind (RL)
Gogo Girl (RL)
Feine Dame ZL De Novo Demokratie (RL)
Bella Donna (RL)
Flotenspiel Felix (RL)
Yvonne (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: ee/Aa
Available for Breeding:

KHR Double Delight
ll Mare ll Sired by Dollfuss ZL
FRs Edles Herz MS
ll 1999 Chestnut Mare ll Sired by Edelstein GN
KHR Nalani Sw
ll 2005 Chestnut Mare ll Sired by Nixon
Don Peridion KHR
ll 2013 Chestnut Stallion ll Sired by Dollfuss ZL