Beach Babe FS

Beach Babe FS
2000 Bay Quarter Horse Mare 14.3hh
Regal Playboy Babe x Sandy Doc Bar
Showing In: Cutting, Working Cow Horse
Current Level: Senior Horse


Sales History
Breeder: Ashlee of Fiesta Stock Horses
Under Contract: Yes
Buybacks To: Ashlee
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: Actively shown
Purchase Date: 05.12.2013

Show Titles

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100% Quarter Horse
Regal Playboy Babe Freckles Playboy (RL) Jewels Leo Bars (RL)
Gay Jay (RL)
Regal Sue Babe (RL) Phoebes Royal (RL)
Tuno Regal Girl (RL)
Sandy Doc Bar Choice Acres (RL) Bob Acre Doc (RL)
Dandy Peponita (RL)
Play Like A Lena (RL) Freckles Playboy (RL)
Havealena (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: Ee/Aa
Available for Breeding: No