SS Loch Ness Monster

SS Loch Ness Monster
2005 Palomino Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion 14.3hh
Monster Under The Bed x Forgotten Legends
Showing In: Carriage Driving
Current Level: Senior Horse


Never a dull moment with this boy! He's a sweet sweet boy but a bit on the mischievous side. He loves to say hi to everyone, people and horses alike. Even when he's supposed to be working. We expected him to grow up at some point and we've realized he's just going to be a hefty puppy for life. He gets into everything, lets himself out of everything and in general just has a good time however and wherever he can. But when he comes running to you whinnying you just can't be angry with him.
Suitability: Carriage Driving III - Dressage Driving I - Combined Driving I - Pleasure Driving I

Sales History
Breeder: Mallory of Sundance Stables
Under Contract: No
Buybacks To: Mallory
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: Actively shown
Purchase Date:

Show Titles
2012 Reserve Draft Horse of the Year
DHA Champion

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100% Gypsy Vanner
Monster Under The Bed Creature Stone (RL) Unknown
Miss GoAway (RL) Unknown
Forgotten Legends Babe Ruth (RL) Unknown
Forgotten Hope (RL) Unknown

Breeding Info

Genotype: ee/aa/nCr/TT
Available for Breeding:
- 2009 & younger -

KS Blue Monster
ll 2008 Smoky Black Blanket Stallion ll Out of Blue Ghost