The White Mare

The White Mare
1993 Maximum Sabino (silver black) Gypsy Vanner Mare
Cobalt (RL) x Rosies Kahlua (RL)
Showing In: Dressage, Driving
Current Level: Retired


Sales History
Breeder: Created by Kaimel Stable
Under Contract: No
Buybacks To: None
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: None
Purchase Date:

Show Titles

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100% Gypsy Vanner
Cobalt (RL) Bob the Blagdon Horse (RL) The Lob Eared Horse (RL)
The Horse Shoe Mare (RL)
Blue Blagdon Mare (RL) Old Black Bob (RL)
A Vines Mare (RL)
Rosies Kahlua (RL) Samson (RL) Unknown
Goldie May (RL) Unknown

Breeding Info

Genotype: Ee/aa/nZ/SbSb
Available for Breeding:
- 1998 and younger -

KS Dead Disco
ll 2010 Black Blanket Sabino Stallion ll Sired by The Revenant
KS Sianna
ll 2013 Smoky Black Sabino Mare ll Sired by The Sensational Athlete