Orion's Spotted Obsession

NCh Orion's Spotted Obsession
1994 Black Pintaloosa Miniature Horse Stallion 35"
Little America's Orion All Over (RL) x Bar Era's Magnificent Obession (RL)
Showing In: Pleasure Driving
Current Level: Retired


Sales History
Breeder: Created by Kaimel Stable
Under Contract: No
Buybacks To: None
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: None
Purchase Date:

Show Titles
ASPSA National Champion

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100% Miniature Horse
Little America's Orion All Over (RL) Xenon-Light Van't Huttenest (RL) Orion Light Van't Huttenest (RL)
Night-Bird Van't Huttenest (RL_
Bewer's Orion Enchantment (RL) Unknown
Bar Era's Magnificent Obession (RL) RFM Booger Too's Dynasty (RL) Unknown
Heritage Formal Dress (RL) Unknown

Breeding Info

Genotype: EE/aa/nLp/nT PATN=7
Available for Breeding:

KS Treasure Island
ll 2007 Classic Champagne Blanket Stallion ll Out of Tribbles Treasure
KS Flash Dance
ll 2007 Silver Bay Tobiano Blanket Mare ll Out of Flash Step
KS Sweet Heart
ll 2009 Black Mare ll Out of Sweet Dreams
KS Dark Obsession
ll 2011 Black Stallion ll Out of Laced With Destiny
KS Willow
ll 2011 Black Fewspot Mare ll Out of Little Desert Lilly
KS Enchantress
ll 2012 Bay Mare ll Out of Wink At An Angel
KS Carousel Show
ll 2012 Buckskin Tobiano Blanket Mare ll Out of Keila