KS Semerkhet

NCh KS Semerkhet+//
2007 Bay Egyptian Arabian Stallion
S Akhenaten x Thee Bint
Showing In: Reining
Current Level: Junior Horse


Semerkhet is a very high energy boy. Although he isn't a stereotypical stud he can be difficult when he's decided he wants to do things his way. He's more pleasure bred but it became clear while he was young that he wasn't nearly as well suited for Western Pleasure as he was for Reining. He loves the action and showing off his stops, even in his pasture.
Also Suitable for: Western Pleasure
Suitability: Reining III

Sales History
Breeder: Kaimel Stable
Under Contract: No
Buybacks To: None
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: None
Purchase Date:

Show Titles
AHAC Legion of Excellence
RCHA World Champion

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100% Egyptian Arabian
S Akhenaten Bourkan el Mahfouz Moniet el Kadadi (RL)
Anatara Shalima (RL)
Ali Sha Ruminaja Ali (RL)
Bint Mini Sha (RL)
Thee Bint BB Thee Renegade (RL) Thee Desperado (RL)
PH Safina (RL)
Simeon Safanad (RL) Sankt Georg (RL)
27 IBN Galal-5 (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: EE/Aa
Available for Breeding:
- 2010 & younger -