The Mortana Masque

SCh NCh The Mortana Masque
2004 Black Morgan Mare
TEC Masquerade x True Gold Beau
Showing In: Dressage, Show Jumping
Current Level: Second, 3ft9 to 4ft


Sales History
Breeder: Sold by Tessa of Southern Acres Inc.
Under Contract: Yes
Buybacks To: None
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: Actively shown
Purchase Date:

Show Titles
ASJA State Champion
SHA National Champion

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100% Morgan
TEC Masquerade Stonecroft Masquerade (RL) Cedar Creek Harlequin (RL)
Carillon Command (RL)
WTS Wind And A Prayer (RL) Fiddler Wind Command (RL)
Wellow Irish Sharon (RL)
True Gold Beau Truwest Gold Peso (RL) H-Saracen (RL)
Agie Beaver CV (RL)
Cacuceus Margeaux (RL) Patchett Hill (RL)
Normandee Barreness (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: Ee/aa
Available for Breeding:

KS Morton
ll 2011 Bay Stallion ll Sired by BT Arkadiusz