KS Necromancer

HoF. UCh KS Necromancer*
2006 Bay Roan Blanket Appaloosa Mare
S Apache Hijacked x An Impressive Zipper WF
Showing In: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending
Current Level: Senior Horse


My Appy pride and joy. Bred out of my best broodmare with a really great speed stallion from SAI. I knew this would make a great cross but I didn't know just how good a filly I'd get. She became an ASApHC Fall of Famer at only 3. Quickly climbing her way up the ASSHA ladder as well. This mare has so much potential.
Suitability: Speed Events III

Sales History
Breeder: Kaimel Stable. Stud from Southern Acres Inc.
Under Contract: No
Buybacks To: None
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: None
Purchase Date:

Show Titles
ASApHC Hall of Fame
ASSHA Universal Champion
SGC Bronze Champion

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100% Appaloosa
S Apache Hijacked Hyjacked Super Hyjacker (RL)
Royal Miss Dickens (RL)
Docs Apache Sky Sonnys Andrew (RL)
Mighty Ladybug (RL)
An Impressive Zipper WF Impressive Doc Bar Zip Me Impressive (RL)
Little Alameda Rio (RL)
Cool N Impressive Western Impress (RL)
Cool Chexin Scoth (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: EE/Aa/Rr/nLp PATN=6
Available for Breeding:

KS Dream Zipper
ll 2009 Bay Near Leopard Mare ll Sired by S Skip The Dream