S Bag Of Tricks

GCh ICh S Bag Of Tricks
2006 Cremello Morgan Stallion
Mythic Charlie x Robbies Bag O Bubbles
Showing In: Hunter Over Fences
Current Level: 2ft9 Over Fences


Sales History
Breeder: Tessa of Southern Acres Inc.
Under Contract: Yes
Buybacks To: Tessa
Age Restrictions: None
Show Requirements: Actively shown
Purchase Date:

Show Titles
ASHA Grand Champion
SHA International Champion

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100% Morgan
Mythic Charlie Mythic Aladdin (RL) Broadway Charlie (RL)
Casland Julie (RL)
Coal CreekHoneyPatch (RL) Patchett Hill (RL)
Coal Creek BitOHoney (RL)
Robbies Bag O Bubbles Robbie Sues Ragtime Magic Magic Man (RL)
Robbie Sues Ragtime Girl (RL)
Bubbles Misty Celebration Springtown Champagne (RL)
Andrews Misty Dream (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: ee/Aa/CrCr
Available for Breeding: