H De La Noche

GCh H De La Noche**
2006 Black Andalusian Stallion
Corriendo x Lucinda
Showing In: Dressage
Current Level: First


As a young horse he was very spirited and energetic. We expected him to really be a handful but instead has turned into a perfect gentleman. Most people don't even realise he's an intact stud. He's calm and confident, qualities that make him a wonderful horse for the show ring. His good nature and sound mind are what will make him really stand out as a stud.
Suitability: Dressage III

Sales History
Breeder: Ziggi of Harrowdale Farms
Under Contract: Yes
Buybacks To: Ziggi
Age Restrictions: No
Show Requirements: No
Purchase Date: 01.24.2010

Show Titles
BHA Campeon del Estado de
ASDA Grand Champion

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100% Andalusian
Corriendo Jabonero VI (RL) Viboro VI (RL)
Feria IV (RL)
RD Chica (RL) Fogonero (RL)
Espanola (RL)
Lucinda Navarre GF (RL) Teodoro (RL)
Ladina (RL)
Lucena TG (RL) Serranito (RL)
Columbina (RL)

Breeding Info

Genotype: Ee/aa
Available for Breeding:
- 2009 & younger -

Remedando R
ll 2010 Smoky Black Stallion ll Out of Querida